If your euphoria is growing when you are preparing for a holiday and you enjoy fast and easy travel arrangements, you are certainly breathing the same air as the GoWaw team. Our story began two years ago, when we were guided by one thought "simply to the accommodation". We decided to set up the first Slovenian tourist portal for booking accommodation in just a few clicks.

The vision and ambitions of our team are hidden behind the name of GoWaw or Go Wander around the world, making us the first home portal to print its story all over the world.



The desire for fast, secure and quality booking requires constant investment in the development of digital technology. Although technology is of the utmost importance, in our company we believe that it is there for you, not above you. What do we want to say? At GoWaw, we care about our customers and believe that good customer support is as important as quality technology. Therefore, our team is available in four languages (Slovenian, Croatian, German and English).


Director: Andrej
Team leader: Helena
Marketing: Martina



We believe that traveling is a lot easier when you have someone to rely on, and you?